Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘Spotlight’ – If you have any additional questions, please do write to us at

Q: What is the key idea behind ‘Spotlight’ ?
A: As professionals who work very closely with architects, we recognize that while smaller firms are doing good work, they often lack the resources to get professional photographic documentation of their projects along with recognition and visibility for their work. At Spotlight, it is our endeavor to provide a ‘leg up’ to such deserving firms..

Q: Are there any Cash Awards ?
A: No, at this point of time our awards are only in ‘kind’.

Q: Can only firms in Delhi Participate?
A: No, firms from Pan-India can participate- Project Shoots can happen only in Delhi. Outside Delhi Shoots travel and accommodation will have to be paid for.

Q: Can I apply for 1 project only?
A: No, you can apply for as many- Only one will be shortlisted though.

Q: My firm is 10 people large. Can I apply?
A: Yes

Q: Is the project recognition limited to Indian media only?
A: No, it includes national and international media visibility- The final decision is always Editorial.

Q: Are there any costs involved for Media coverage?
A: No