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With Spotlight !

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Conceptualised by Andre Jeanpierre Fanthome and Tanya Khanna, The Spotlight is an initiative that opens up avenues for emerging architectural design studios to get visibility both nationally and globally.

The opportunity allows the studio to avail complimentary services from both Andre Fanthome Photography and Epistle Communications for ONE ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT.
Winner for Edition 2 announced!
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What Do You Get If Your Firm Wins ?

  1. An Architectural photo shoot of a selected project for editorial use. NCR travel costs are included. For shoots of the Projects outside NCR, travel and accommodation costs for photography will have to be borne by the studio
  2. Strategic planning: visibility, development & brand positioning
  3. Copywriting & editorial service
  4. Project packaging & curation of content
  5. Promotional activities & media coverage
  6. Awards & accolades: identification and creation of relevant award entries across international and national platforms
  7. Lectures, exhibitions & speaking opportunities
  8. Social media engagement: strategy, design and posting
  9. Collateral Development & Design: newsletters, social media graphics etc.

Send Us Your Best Work

A 10-20 page PDF with relevant photos, drawings, sketches and text pertaining to an architectural project of the firm’s choice.

Indian architectural firms less than 10 years old with a team of less than 10 employees are eligible to apply.